Engine model ISUZU AJ-4JJ1X
Type Water-cooled diesel engine, 4 pistons, 4-stroke engine, direct injection
Air suction system Turbocharge, equipped with an intercooler
Engine horsepower 95 horsepower @2000 rpm, passed the pollution control standard EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage 2A
Bucket Capacity of 0.6 cubic meters (ISO/SAE)
Operating weight 12,400 – 13,900 kg.
  • Has buttons to set the work mode or accelerate the engine and hydraulic pump for efficient work. The engine is designed to lessen the emission of pollution and has passed the pollution control standard (EPA Tier3, EU Stage 3A). It has an automatic engine cycle reduction system to help save fuel. Transportation is convenient as it does not have to be loaded onto a large trailer.
  • Suitable for general tasks, e.g. construction works, excavating soil or gravel pits, preparing the earth for agricultural purposes, or for public organizations.