SANY’s off-highway wide-body mining trucks are designed and developed specially for mining. It is strong and durable– ready to work in all terrains. It is proven by the actual users to be able to work stably in the most challenging surroundings, both in surface and underground mines or small to large mines, e.g. coal mines, limestone mines, gold mines, and more. It is worthy of investing in because of its high efficiency, contrasting to low maintenance costs. Leadway even offers customers with satisfying after-sales services.


This model is safer than ever thanks to its strong metal structure which protects drivers from shock forces or weight that may be pressed onto the frame.

Wider Vision

This model also offers a wider vision with a curved windscreen.


Powerful with an engine of 530 horsepower

Ready To Work

Ready to work in all terrains. Users can be confident of its trustiness with a
Hydro Pneumatic (Front)
and Leaf spring (Rear) suspension system.

Be Confident

Be confident in all terrain with
16.00R25 sized radial wheels


The space within the cockpit is cleverly designed and is equipped with useful facilities.

Control Panel

The control panel is easy to use. Many parts are adjustable to fit each driver, such as the steering wheel, the seat, and the automatic air conditioning system.

Easy Drive

Easy to drive and control with an automatic transmission system

More Worthy

More worthy with a body capacity of up to
35 cubic meters

GPS Tracking

Comes equipped with a
GPS tracking system


60t Off-highway Wide-body Dump Truck

Total Power 390 kW
Maximum Torque 2,300 NN
Load Weight 60 T


SKT90E Electric Wide-body Dump Truck

Total Power 580 kW
Maximum Torque 5,100 NN
Load Weight 60 T