Engine model ISUZU AH-4HK1X
Type Water-cooled diesel engine 4 pistons, 4-stroke engine,
direct injection
Air suction system Turbocharge, intercooler
Engine horsepower 180 horsepower @ 2,000 rpm, passed the pollution control standard EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage 3B
Extraction kit Has a vibratory and compacting system with heating equipment that uses gas or electric coils. Can be used to pave roads with a width of 2.875 – 7.5 meters using a hydraulic system.
Operating weight 21300 kg (LPG.)-21800 kg (Electric)
Highest speed 3 kilometers/hour
  • Has caterpillar wheels. Can pave roads with a width from 2.875 – 7.5 meters, the screed can pave asphalt at a thickness of 10-300 millimeters. Controlled by a hydraulic system. The Isuzu common rail engine is designed to lessen the emission of pollution and has passed the pollution control standard (EPA Tier4, EU Stage 3B). It is energy efficient.
  • Suitable for general paving tasks, tasks that require paving on a continuous route, paving sloped roads, and for public organizations.