Since excavators are one of the most important heavy machines required in many businesses and industries, Leadway imports top quality SUMITOMO excavators from Japan for customers. These machines are well-known globally for their digging force, durability, and fuel efficiency. There are a variety of class to choose; from 8-80 tons ensuring that no matter what type of application a customer needs, all demands will be met. These machined are also equipped with smart technology for fast and easy excavation. This way, work performance is increased while costs are decreased, helping customers gain the highest profit in their business.

Durable structure


All parts of the structure are researched and developed by a team of engineers to design the strongest and longest lasting machines.

The highest efficiency and cost-saving excavators

Ready for all heavy-duty works with powerful digging force and high performance Isuzu common rail diesel engine. It is easy to do maintenance and saves fuel. With high horsepower but a low engine rpm of 1,8000 rpm, it consumes up to 11% less fuel, as for the SH210F-6 once compared to the former model (dash 5). There’s also an automatic engine rpm reducer to lessen mechanical wear and extend the usage life.

Designed for comfort


As the cabin is carefully designed with ergonomics and air ventilation principles in mind, the operators can work comfortably for an extended period of time without feeling exhausted. It is also equipped with other utilities to serve different purposes whilst working.


Engine model ISUZU 4HK1X
Type Water-cooled diesel engine, 4 pistons, 4-stroke engine, direct injection
Air suction system Turbocharge, equipped with an intercooler
Engine horsepower 157.3 horsepower @ 1,800 rpm, passed the pollution control standard EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage 2
Bucket Capacity of 0.9 cubic meters (ISO/SAE)
Operating weight 21,700 kg.
  • Has buttons to set the work mode or accelerate the engine and hydraulic pump for efficient work. The engine is designed to lessen the emission of pollution and has passed the pollution control standard (EPA Tier 2, EU Stage 2). It has an automatic engine cycle reduction system to help save fuel and lessen mechanical wear.
  • Suitable for general tasks, e.g. construction works, lifting objects (placing pipes), tasks that require machines to be relocated from time to time, and for public organizations.

Bucket size (3m) 0.38
Net power (horsepower) 55
Operating weight (kg.) 7,550

Bucket size (3m) 0.24 – 0.65
Net power (horsepower) 95
Operating weight (kg.) 12,400-13,900

Bucket size (3m) 0.5 – 1.1
Net power (horsepower) 157.3
Operating weight (kg.) 21,500


SH210LC-6LR (15 m)
Bucket size (3m) 0.37HD – 0.45HD
Net power (horsepower) 157.3
Operating weight (kg.) 23,200

Bucket size (3m) 1.3 Semi-HD
Net power (horsepower) 177
Operating weight (kg.) 24,800

SH250-6LR (18 m)
Bucket size (3m) 0.37HD – 0.45HD
Net power (horsepower) 177.1
Operating weight (kg.) 28,300


Bucket size (3m) 1.4HD – 1.6HD
Net power (horsepower) 268
Operating weight (kg.) 36,100-36,800


Bucket size (3m) 2.0-3.0
Net power (horsepower) 362
Operating weight (kg.) 49,200-50,600

Bucket size (3m) 4.1
Net power (horsepower) 540
Operating weight (kg.) 80,200